$15 DC Rogue Boot size 11 Thu, March 4th
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"I'm not sure how old this boot is, but when i got them used (back in 2006?) they were pretty sweet! They have pump up heal bumps, the BOA ratchet system, and little inserts for heat warmers (the little hand ..."

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Im not sure what year these boots were made, but they have all kinds of bells and whistles as the description shows below.

However, the BOA cable on one of the boots broke, so they will need to be repaired.. I would imagine wouldn't be more than $15 bucks. The actual color of my boots are black.

DC Rogue Description

The Rogue utilizes the BOA wire ratchet lacing system. DC came up with an air pump bladder for customized fit. The Rogue footbed accepts a footwarmer packet. The Rogue is lightweight. There is an inner ankle support with lacing.

The DC Rogue is the Cadillac of snowboard boots. If you have a hard time finding snowboard boots that fit well, or if you experience cold toes on chilly winter mornings, DC has you covered with the Rogue. First off, this boot never needs to be tied. The BOA lacing system utilizes a thin wire on a ratcheting dial that provides a uniform closure of the entire boot. Next, the aero-gel liner has an inflatable air bladder that customizes the fit around your heel and ankle. Gel is used in the toe box to cushion impact. Last, but not least, the footbed has a small pouch to accept a footwarmer packet (available at snowboard shops, gas stations, etc.) All of these innovations combine to make a great pair of snowboard boots that fit and perform well.

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