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"This kite flies well when rigged on the center knots of the trailing edge settings but when rigged any other way has a tendency to turn inside out in high winds, Scary! Otherwise I think it is great and is ..."


After another season refining and perfecting the Best C-shape kites on the market, the BestKiteboarding design team, headed by Peter Stiewe, turned towards the task of producing an all new flat, or ‘high projected area’ design, bringing all the performance benefits of increased safety from the Waroo’s maximum depower to the market at a price point that could only come from one company, Best. From the outset it was decided that the kite must perform in the widest possible range of wind conditions, with the highest level of safety, and that the kite’s handling could be fine tuned to give the reliable feel of a c-shape kite. Any new kite should make you a better rider, you shouldn’t need to be a better rider to get more enjoyment out of a new kite, and that’s exactly what has been achieved with the all new Best Waroo. Incredible controllable depower allows the Best Waroo to feel more at home in the widest range of wind conditions than any kite on the market. Swept back wing tips extending behind the center chord of the canopy means relaunching the Waroo is child’s play, ideally suited for beginners, intermediates or pros like Clinton Bolton the Waroo brings a new level of rider simplicity to the kitesurfing market. A reduced strut count improves the under canopy airflow, making the Waroo carve turns more effortlessly and with less drag than any comparable flat kite. Flying the Waroo simply makes it easier and more fun for you, regardless of your level, to improve your riding., If you’re making your first tacks upwind or throwing that first unhooked kite loop, the Waroo simply makes everything you try easier, more enjoyable and safer. Best’s use of a carefully positioned ‘virtual front pivot point’ allows the Waroo to be tuned to turn either by tip pivoting or carving through the air, making it ideal for beginners or the most experienced of riders. Bar pressure can be tweaked from super light to solid, and everything in between, by simply switching the rear flying line attachment points. The huge inbuilt freedom of choice in riding feel gives the Waroo more flexibility than any kite on the market, and allows the feel of the bar and kite to be customized to the widest range of kiters’ preferences. In producing a kite for every rider and all conditions, simplicity was high on the list of priorities of the Best R&D team. That’s why close inspection of the Waroo bar will leave you feeling short-changed; short-changed of unnecessary pulleys, complicated depower set ups and potential failure points! Any standard Best bar can be upgraded to a Waroo bar just by the addition of a new, increased range, depower set-up, nothing could be any easier, or more cost effective. Bar upgrade kit available online soon to convert any 2005 Best kite bar. Even if you’ve never kited before, the Best Waroo will take you from novice to expert faster than any other kite on the market. The Waroo is aimed squarely at any riders looking to push the limits of their skill and experience, one kite for all seasons and all reasons and available at the Best prices around.

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